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Free Last Supper Easter PrintableThe ‘Jesus at the Last Supper’ Printable Coloring Sheet will have your children talking about Jesus’ Last Supper as they color. All you need to do is encourage the talking!

This is a fantastic printable to use as the children discuss, as it explains what Jesus was doing. Children already have a starting point. Kids love visuals, so this can be your visual as you talk and discuss with them.

You could use this printable with one of our other Easter printables such as the Triumphal Entry Maze.

Discussion Questions: 

  1. If you had one meal before you died, what would you eat?
  2. Why do you think Jesus chose bread and wine to eat and drink?
  3. What is the Last Supper?
  4. Who was with Jesus at this meal?
  5. What did Jesus’ friends say they would never do?
  6. Who did Jesus know that would betray him?


'Jesus at the Last Supper' Printable Coloring Sheet

Click here for the ‘Jesus at the Last Supper’ Printable Coloring Sheet

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