Childrens Ministry Lessons

All of our childrens ministry lessons are listed below. Many of these lessons are part of our teaching series. You can check them out here.

Old Testament Lessons


God Sends Adam and Eve (chapters 2-3)

I Was Not Made To Be a Wreck (chapter 2)

Sin Wrecks Stuff (chapter 3)

Abraham Makes His Move (12:1-9)

God Sends Abraham (22:1-19)

Josephs False Start (Genesis 37-46)


The Unlikely Heroes (1:1-22)

God’s Perfect Plan Unfolds (2:1-10)

Saved By God (2:1-10)

You Can’t Hide From God (2:11-15)

The Midian Years  (2:16-25)

Moses Faces His Fears (3:1-15)

God Sees Our Pain (3:1-10)

The Great I Am (3:11-22)

What is in Your Hand? (4:1-31)

I Can! (4:10-31)

When Hope Seems Lost (5:1-23)

Dealing with Disappointment (6:1-12)

God Sends Moses (chapter 14)


God Sends Joshua (chapters 13-14)


Rescue Me! (3:12-30)

Part of His Plan (Judges 4)

God Sends Gideon (chapters 6-7)


Ruth was Faithful (1:1-18)

Bitterness Sucks (1:1-22)

Ruth to the Rescue (chapter 2)

Boaz: AKA Man of God (chapter 3)

Boaz: AKA Kinsman Redeemer (chapter 4)

1 Samuel:

Hears God (chapter 3)

God Sends Samuel (chapters 8-10)

Chosen By God (chapter 16)

My Friends (chapters 18-20)

1 Kings:

My Thoughts (3:1-15)

Elijah, Ahab and the Rain (17:1-6)

Elijah Thinks Fast (17:17-24)

You Can’t Out-Give God (17:8-16)

Elijah was Bold (18:16-21)

When God Speaks (chapter 18 – Elijah)

God is GREAT! (18:36-39)

Elisha’s Call (19:21 onwards)

2 Kings:

Used By God (5:1-14)

Served God (22:23-30)


Prepare in Prayer (1:1-11)


Esther Expects the Best 


I am Fearfully and Wonderfully Made (139:14-16)


Known By God (1: 4-10)


Living Like Jesus in My School (chapter 1)

Stand Strong (3:1-30)


Joy in My Attitude

God Sends Jonah (chapters 1-4)

New Testament Lessons


Give More (2:1-12)

Calling the Disciples (4:18-25)

Fishermen Encounter Jesus (4:18-25)

Are You Rich? (6:19-24)

Jesus Transforms the Centurion’s Servant (8:5-13)

The Parable of the Sower (Matthew 13:1-23)

Pearl of Great Price (Matthew 13:45-46)

Journey with Jesus (16:13-20)

Jesus Rocks! (21:1-11)

Jesus You’re My Superhero (27:32-56)

Roman Soldier Encounters Jesus (27:45-56)

God Says GO Into all the World (28:16-20)

God Sends the Disciples (28:16-20)


‘Transformed By His Forgiveness’ (2:1-12)

Love Protects (4:35-41)

‘Should I Follow?’ (10:17-31)

Living to Love God with My Things (12:41-44)


Be You (2:1-7)

Jesus Died to Restore Our Identity (2:41-52)

The Centurion Soldier Encounters Jesus (7:1-10)

Seeking Jesus: The Bleeding Woman (8:43-48)

The Lost Coin (15:8-10)

Ten Lepers Encounter Jesus (17:11-19)

Zacchaeus Encounters Jesus (Luke 19:1-10)

Zacchaeus’ Brand New Start (Luke 19:1-10)

Jesus Came to Restore the Wreckage (23:26-43)


‘Transformed By His Life’ (3:1-21)

God Sends Jesus to Show us How to Live (4:1-26)

The Woman at the Well Encounters Jesus (4:1-54)

God Sends Jesus (8:1-11)

Jesus Restores Me (21:15-17)


God Sends the Holy Spirit (2:1-15)

Living in the Power of the Holy Spirit in My Neighborhood (chapter 3)

Belt of Truth (7:54-60)

God Sends the Church (12:1-17)

Feet Fitted with the … Gospel of Peace (12:6-19)


I Am An Overcomer (8:31-39)


Do All the Good You Can Do (6:1-10)

Gentleness (Galatians 6 and Matthew 27:45-54)


How to Train Your Tongue (3:1-12)

Object Lessons:

5 Headphone Object Lessons

Teaching Series:

12 Lessons on Mission:

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